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Econz Wireless - Company Profile

For more than three decades ECONZ Wireless has maintained its position as a leading developer of innovative and pragmatic wireless solutions. The company specializes in hosted wireless solutions for the Small-to-Medium sized Business (SMB) market including: field service dispatch/job management/timecard; timecard for professionals; and Location Based Services (LBS).

US OfficeECONZ Wireless solutions connect mobile workers with their office using simple web interfaces and cell phone based in-field applications. In this way ECONZ Wireless applications are low-cost, accessible, simple to use and easy to set up, in short, ideal for the SMB market.

Landmark solutions
ECONZ Wireless is an innovative leader in systems integration. Intensive research and development has given ECONZ the expertise to provide an unrivalled platform of purpose-designed technology. ECONZ has created ground-breaking solutions to data transfer problems for a wide range of customers.

Exceptional Resources
At ECONZ a team of specialist designers, each with their own area of expertise in computer science, electronics, logistics and commerce, work together to create effective, innovative communications solutions.

Meet the Econz Team

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